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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  March 27, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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fire in west oakland.. dozens of residents are now displaced.. and at this hour - we've learned one person is dead. but first - now at noon, firefighters are still on the scene of a fire in west oakland, dozens of residents now display stand at this hour, we have learned one person is dead. first, breaking news out of phoenix, arizona, nfl owners approved the deal to move the raiders to las vegas. good afternoon, i'm kenny choi,
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michelle is on assignment. one hour ago, nfl owners announced the decision and the boat was not even close. the final tally, 31-1 relocations. are joined live now from phoenix with ken who has a front seat at the owners meeting. >> reporter: this is one of the best kept secrets in the sports world in the last week and a half or so, this was rumored to be going down today and it did just that. what we know now is it is officials. -- it is official. raider nation will be playing from a new location and it only took about an hour actually for nfl owners to walk into their general session meeting this morning, and, before even an hour was up, the commissioner, roger goodell, with mark davis in tow, came out to make the announcement. >> we believe we and the raiders have worked earnestly in oakland for over a decade to try to find a viable option in oakland. we needed to provide certainty and stability for the raiders
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as well as the league. >> my father used to say that the greatness of the raiders is in its future and the opportunity to build a world- class stadium in the entertainment capital of the world is one opportunity that will give us the ability to achieve that greatness. as i said earlier, there is going to be some disappointed fans and angry fans. it will be up to me to talk to them and let them know why, how, and what has happened and hopefully we can work things out and work together for the future. >> reporter: mark davis bringing in obviously the great name of the great davis, saying his dad would have been proud, and as far as fans go, we ran into some from the phoenix area earlier today and they told us they will follow the team no matter where they play. >> for me, i feel bad for the
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situation in oakland, that the team is leaving. i know the feeling from when they left in 1995 from l.a. to oakland but you've got to embrace the change and go with it. if you are a diehard raiders fan, you are going to be there. >> reporter: maybe a little insight this early afternoon, kenny, to what actually started this ball rolling. we heard from mark davis later in the news conference and he said that when he tried to move the team, when he put in for relocation to carson, remember that deal a while ago, he already signed a two-year extension with alameda county and city of oakland. he was told when that got denied, his moved to los angeles, that they were going to triple the rent on the oakland coliseum on him. he almost felt like it was a punishment. so, he said he knew then, he had made up his mind, that is when he would move the team. he would look for another location. he did not appreciate that and
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the way he was treated. reporting live from phoenix, i'm ken bastida come back to you. >> in 2017, the raiders will be playing in oakland. they have the option to play at the coliseum in 2018. meanwhile, mayor libby schaaf publicly released the letter she headed to individual nfl team owners today asking for two specifics, instead of an up down vote, provide time for owners to leave negotiating talks with mark davis and the oakland team and if a vote is to be taken, use a secret ballot as was done in the recent los angeles relocation vote. mayor libby schaaf was in our studio last night and said her plan to keep the raiders in oakland was thorough and well thought out and addressed the nfl's concerns that it was not a viable plan. >> that is not true. we have 55 acres adjacent to the existing coliseum that is's shovel ready. we have done all of the environmental clearance, all the approval, we have 55 acres.
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we can start building while the oakland a's continue to play in the coliseum. >> nfl commissioner roger goodell disagreed with libby schaaf and expressed concern about the financing of the plan. on twitter, fans voicing their opinions. wayne saying, quote, las vegas raiders? i don't believe it. and the nfl tweeted a photo of the raiders helmet with the world-famous las vegas sign behind it and the las vegas mayor tweeted this photo of her welcoming her new team. much more on this coming up throughout the day and another live report from ken bastida ahead tonight at 5 p.m. now to our other top story of the day, we continue with coverage in oakland after a deadly fire displaced 86 residence this morning. kpix 5's anne makovec spoke to victims at the local red cross shelter. let's start with jackie ward live and the front of the scene -- at the front of the scene where the early-morning blaze erupted. >> reporter: wire -- there is still lots going on,
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firefighters are conducting what they call a secondary search. checking to make sure there are no hotspots that flare up in 40 spaces as can typically happen in older buildings like this. the battalion chief told me that process can be long and slow. video from chopper 5 shows a massive clouds of smoke and huge flames that overtook the area of 2551 san pablo avenue around 5:30 this morning. when firefighters got to the three-story apartment building, most people had already made it out safely, but there were still people inside who needed help and firefighters quickly ran into issues. >> as we were moving into the structure, they encountered heavy, heavy fire, which did not allow them to progress through the building as they saw necessary. >> reporter: seven people were rescued but one person cannot escape. their body was found in an apartment on the second floor. it is unclear whether the building had a popular sprinkler
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-- had a proper sprinkler system or fire alarms. >> we heard alarms on arrival, granted there was a lot of -- we did not hear any alarms upon arrival, granted there was a lot of noise. >> reporter: this is a place for transitional housing and included a community center. we spoke with james cook, an attorney who represents them. he told us the building's owner wanted the client out of the building. we could not reach him for comment. >> i just talked to their lawyer on friday and told them that we are going to fight the eviction. conveniently, this particular thing has happened. >> reporter: cook actually says he thinks the timing of this fire is very suspicious. he says they were going to push back the eviction from their landlord. he says the clients were telling them of deplorable living conditions which exposed wires everywhere, gushing water and leaks every time it rained,
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and 16 people had filed complaints with the city. in oakland, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> what are investigators saying about the cause of the fire? >> reporter: right now we don't have an official cause. the battalion chief told me they believe the fire started in a second floor apartment but it is unclear if that is the same apartment unit where they found the fatality. back to you. >> kpix 5's anne makovec spoke with people who lived in the building and who narrowly escaped the fast-moving fire. >> reporter: the people who are now homeless were brought here to the first presbyterian church of oakland, while they wait to find out what's next. after being woken up in the early morning hours to smoke and flames, dozens of people who lived here gathered in a nearby parking lot with stories of terror. >> when i got out, people were screaming, trying to get everybody out, run, get out, get out, fire. >> reporter: gail says it was all a blur. >> i ran out with one sock on, no shoes. >> reporter: the common thread of their story?
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shock. >> i blacked out. i did not know what was happening. >> reporter: but, this family made it out. >> grabbed a blanket, ran out, and i saw my mom and she was grabbing my granny out of her wheelchair. >> reporter: then in the predawn hours, a reckoning. >> everybody was trying to count people, look and see who is there, who is here. >> reporter: and the realization that some people were missing. >> i know a couple of them. >> reporter: the weight of what happened this morning has not quite set in. >> people were complaining about the value of things that they lost, but the most important thing is we all helped each other get out. >> reporter: the people who are now at this church have to be cleared out by 5:00. the red cross making sure they have somewhere to stay tonight. in oakland, anne makovec, kpix 5. a rough commute this morning on bart. chopper 5 showing what happened
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after a car slammed into a power pole near the west oakland station. at one point, a powerline had fallen across the tracks. bart had to stop trains heading into san francisco which led to systemwide delays. check out this mass on highway 101 in san rafael, a big rig where the crane overturned in the northbound lanes. this happened near the central san rafael exit. three lanes were blocked. chp says the big rig driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. today, the president is expected to announce a new white house office to be led by top aide and son-in-law jared kushner. the white house office of american innovation will focus on overhauling the federal government by infusing it with ideas from the business world. this comes as the president plans to push ahead with other items on his legislative agenda including reforming the tax code. the discussion over who is to blame for the failure on the plan to repeal and replace obamacare has begun as well. as cbs news' craig boswell reports, the white house is eyeing conservatives.
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>> the white house is disappointed in the number of people he thought were loyal to them. >> reporter: president trump placed the blame on conservative republicans for failing to pass the gop plan to repeal and replace obamacare. sunday he tweeted, democrats are smiling in dc, that the freedom caucus with the health -- help of club for growth and heritage planned to save -- have saved planned parenthood. congress mark meadows, the chairman of the house freedom caucus, says he still believes a deal can be done. >> conversations in the last 48 hours are really about how we come together in the republican conference and try to get this over the finish line. >> reporter: trump administration officials are signaling they may be ready to work with democrats to fix healthcare. >> i think it's time for our folks to come together and i also think it's time to potentially get a few moderate democrats on board as well.
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>> reporter: democrats say they are willing to listen if the white house wants to work on a fix for obamacare, not a complete repeal. >> we always said we would work with them to improve it. we just said repeal was off the table. >> reporter: rami -- meanwhile, the freedom caucus is looking forward to working with trump on tax reform. the president wants to cut taxes for middle-class families, lower the tax rate by 15%, and reduce the number of tax brackets. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> senator chuck schumer says the democrats will work with president trump on tax reform as well. still ahead, no legging room. why two teenage girls were kicked off their flight home. and your secret shortcut to the bray bridge -- bay bridge could be altered. from the kpix 5 weather center, good afternoon. it certainly is a tad warmer today than all weekend long but not as warm as it will be tomorrow. but still, the warmest day of the work week, i have the full forecast coming up after this brief timeout. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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lot tougher for you to cut through.. to the bay bridge. on weekdays: the "bryant street" on-ramp in san francisco typically gets backed up. in your bay area headlines, drivers beware. it could soon be tougher for you to cut through to the bay bridge. on weekdays, the bryan street in san francisco typically gets backed up long before it becomes a carpal only entrance. now, transportation officials say the congestion comes from solo drivers illegally clogging up the ramp. the ntc is considering starting a carpal only lane hours earlier, it is also looking into high-tech cameras to help the chp catch carpal cheaters in the act. an uproar over leggings. two teenagers were recently rejected from a united airlines
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flight because they were wearing stretchy bottoms. the two girls were trying to get on a flight in denver. united flames they can refuse united pass writers who are not properly closed which means the friends were -- the girls were friends of relatives who get free air travel and have a more formal dress code. >> i wear spandex all the time. >> why should they be banned? that's crazy. i don't agree with that at all. if you are flying on a friends and family pass and you know they have certain rules, you should abide by those rules. >> some people tweeted out their frustration saying they have worn less than leggings on airplanes. it is unclear if the teens were able to get on another flight. a check on the forecast, roberta, all of the rain taking its toll on the landscape. >> it certainly has. all across the bay area including our community in the east bay, pleasanton. i wanted to take a look for myself at the arroyo day laguna creek, it runs through pleasanton and hooks up with
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alameda creek and then runs into the bay. look at the damage done, i was surprised to see the trees and how they have just literally snapped in half with the power of the rushing water. this is usually my running course. and, there is a little bridge that takes you side-to-side, that is totally washed up, this is the arroyo day laguna creek. we did see 0.6 inches in san francisco compared to 3/10 in the napa area. we still had leftover clouds associated with the weak disturbance that pass through the bay area, beautiful view from mount back at this morning. temperatures in the 50s, now low 60s. it is 62 degrees in oakland. robert sullivan, one of our weather watchers, he's reporting 62 degrees and says we've got a few puffy clouds, but a very blue sky. that's what we just saw from the mount vacaville cam. thanks for checking in with us and also confirming that, everybody pretty much has partly cloudy conditions and a breezy afternoon. wind out of the northwest at 17,
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it will be pretty consistent, northwesterly, 10 to 20 through the evening commute. once the sunset it's feels -- once the sun sets it feels raw. it is out of here and behind it, a lot of aftermath in the form of clouds, partly cloudy. tomorrow, sunny, brighter, and wednesday, overnight into thursday and friday morning, a good chance rain will be back in the picture. it's running parallel through california and will usher storms into our area unless high-pressure strengthens which it will do for one day on tuesday. cloud free according to futurecast. but then we tc begin to increase from the north, move across the bay area during the day and there is were thursday morning commute, at least with a smattering of light rain showers. around the state today, lingering shower in fresno, snow has ended in the greater lake tahoe area. we are talking temperatures a couple of degrees above average, mid-60s bay and peninsula to mid-60s, my
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outside number in napa, and pleasanton, mid-60s across the santa clara valley, with a dry weather pattern set up. if you suffer from allergies, it's not going to be your kind of week. we have so much that is blessing out of control, the sun goes down at 7:28 and then tomorrow, a warm-up, a spike in our temperatures away from the bay. the warmest day will be wednesday but then we have a shot of rain showers overnight into thursday. looking ahead to the weekend? yeah, absolutely. thank you so much. still ahead, he is and high school -- he is a high school student on the oakland school board but does not plan on stopping there. how he is setting his sights on mayor of the city. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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north carolina's luke maye hit the game winner with three tenths of a second left to lead north carolina past kentucky and into their 20th final a field of 68 has been narrowed down to the final four. the game-winner with 0.3 seconds left to lift north carolina past kentucky, it will be gonzaga, south carolina and the first semi final, paula by north carolina and oregon next saturday on cbs.
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he says: he's used to speaking up and taking care of o sherry hu shar elected by fellow students, darius akins is the voice on the fellow school board. he says he is used to speaking up and taking care of other people. but come he believes those difficult years prepared him for a future role on a much larger stage. >> student director aiken, do you have a special report? >> reporter: being a student director on the oakland school board is a warm-up, because darius aiken says his goal is to become the city's mayor. >> my dream is just to impact the lives of so many people.
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i definitely think that my childhood prepared me for this position. >> reporter: when darius was only 9 years old, his father died of cancer. his mother had her own issues, he says, and was unable to care for the family. so, while still a child himself, darius had to step in and raise his siblings. >> many times i felt my life was worthless and that no one loved me. and, those days were really difficult. i remember my students and i, -- siblings and i, we went to school solely to eat. >> reporter: despite difficult years, he persevered and is determined to be a role model to his younger siblings. >> he just sees the good in the positive, and everything that he does -- the good and the positive in everything that he does. >> reporter: today, he not only sits on the school board and works part-time, he is also the youth chapter president of the
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naacp and ambassador for oakland promise. >> my purpose in life is not to give up. and if i give up, who to my siblings have to look up to? they are my motivation. i have to show them a better way of life. >> reporter: and that goes for everyone in his community. >> i do hope that i can continue to be a voice for the voiceless and for the vulnerable. through that, i want to do all the good i can for as many people as i can. >> reporter: be inspired by darius and other students who rise above. to learn more about sra, go to our website, for students rising above, i'm sherry hu. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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beautiful is next. allen and liz will see you at five. have a great afternoon. welcome back. the big news of the day, nfl owners approving the move for the oakland raiders to move to las vegas, it was not even close, 31-1 in favor of relocation. >> i'm heartbroken. a season ticket holder. i can't make those road trips. >> going to be difficult. have a great day.
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